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Michel Wagner was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal: to revolutionary offer designer accessoires with a quality that's so important that quantity doesn't even matter. We are here for the people who values theire quality of life, and want to improve everyday like we do.





Making our own brand

Bossfield watches™

When Michel Wagenaar needed a break he went to Egypt. To relaxe from the stress that the company gave him. On the louncher with his dad in the sun he asked himself: Why I'm selling watch brands that i don't even like? Then his first tought was why am i not making my own watch brand? So within a hour he came to contact with a watchmaker. And his dad was relaxing and said don't even think about it. He didn't listend and ordered 200 watches on his louncher. And this was where the journey started.

watch quality & valuable customers

Michel Wagner

After a few years he realised how many watch brands are out there. Many people wanted to create the cheapest watches for a nice price. But this didn't end here for us, we are constantly growing. We wanted something great that others could not beat. So we starten a new brand called Michel Wagner. With his experience and succes he made a watch that is unbeatable. He compared more than 1000 different watches to create his own. And that is where Michel Wagner came alive with a quality so good that quantity wasn't our matter. This watches are more than just a watch, this is a brand with a story that knows her own value.

Selling big brands

Brand Label Watches

Our journey begins with a 14 year old boy that had a passion for creating. His first store (Brand Labels) was created for a passion of fashion and watches. When he relised how intresting watches could be he wanted to dig deep into the creation of it. So he desided to buy all the watches that where out there. With a succes on instagram he grew way to quick. So from that point we sold all the watch brands that where available on the marketplace.

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